Ernest Hemingway Facts

Ernest Hemingway Facts

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Ernest Hemingway was a very interesting man. He was a celebrated American author by the time he was in his 20s, had returned from war, and visited many different parts of the world in his short life. Of course, many people also contest that Hemingway was a very deranged, unattached man who may have suffered from bipolar mania, depression, or other disorders that eventually led to his $uicide in 1961. There is a lot of information out there about this great author who made huge contributions to American literature throughout his lifetime.

Here’s a fun fact: Ernest Hemingway believed that life was made meaningful by courage, as reflected in his many stories about characters who would fight and die bravely, regardless of whether they won or lost the battle. Hemingway wrote mostly about hunting, war, and other fights in life, both real and metaphorical. Many of these fights were reflective of his own lifestyle, while a few were made up or embellished for quality and enjoyment. Hemingway was a journalist, a soldier, an international artist, an adventurist, and a husband in addition to being one of the great American authors of the 20th century.

In 1961, Hemingway put courage aside as his mental deterioration got the best of him and shot himself with his favorite shotgun, as he had attempted to do a few times before. His wife had stopped him the other times. Initially, the story was reported to the news as an accident even though it was very clearly a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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His wife didn’t want the media giving her late husband a bad image for being a coward, so it remained under wraps for some time that it was actually a $uicide, not an accidental shooting. Today, he and his wife are buried in Idaho, in the town where they both lived and died.

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Ernest Hemingway has many critics. He might even have more critics than most other authors. The reasons for this are varied, depending on who you talk to. Some thought he was too methodical with his storytelling. Others felt that he was too basic and subtle in his stories, which is just not the natural American way. Some even considered him an international author because he spent much of his life overseas and adopted many elements of his life from that time spent abroad. All in all, this was a great man who will forever remain a part of history as a great American novelist and writer.



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