116th anniversary – July 21, 1899 Hemingway is Born

116th anniversary – July 21, 1899 Hemingway is Born

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This biography of the American writer Ernest Hemingway is aptly titled, since Hemingway was forever struggling with life.

A mixture of outdoorsman and intellectual, Hemingway has become emblematic of a certain way of life in the 20th century.

His personal style and his many written works have become intertwined in the public imagination.

In this A&E portrait, both the man and the myth are examined in an illuminating way.

Hemingway 116th anniversary

Cast: Elise Ballard, Ingrid Bergman, Fidel Castro, Gary Cooper, Wendy Cutler, Marlene Dietrich, Martha Gellhorn, Scott Glenn, Jack Hemingway, Mariel Hemingway, Mary Hemingway, J. Edgar Hoover, A.E. Hotchner, Charles Scribner, Spencer Tracy


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