Books by Ernest Hemingway – Works You Should Know About


Ernest Hemingway wrote many, many stories in his lifetime. His first great novel was actually the second published, but after that his career became a great success. There are many different books by Ernest Hemingway that you can read when you want to get a taste of this great American author. Hemingway wrote many novels, nonfiction pieces, plays, collections, and edited anthologies during his time as a writer in America. It all started with a very well-known book simply titled The Sun Also Rises, which was a reflection of Hemingway’s own experiences in Spain the year prior.

Ernest Hemingway Photo

First published was Torrents of Spring, just months before the first book made it to the publisher. Some other books by Ernest Hemingway include:

  • A Farewell to Arms
  • To Have and Have Not
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls
  • Across the River and Into the Trees
  • The Old Man and the Sea
  • Islands in the Stream
  • In Our Time
  • The Snows of Kilimanjaro
  • The Nick Adams Stories

Ernest Hemingway also had many of his works published posthumously. After his death, more than a handful of different works were released by others, and were quite a success. Some were not as successful as others, however.

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Best Ernest Hemingway Works


Ernest Hemingway is considered one of the great American authors of the 20th century. This man contributed a lot to modern literature as it is known today, including many novels, collections, and nonfiction works that were published throughout his lifetime.

Hemingway Photo by Robert Capa

In addition, he also had some works put out after his death, which became quite successful even in his absence. Ernest Hemingway works are celebrated as some of the best Great American Novels, and the man certainly knew how to tell a story.

Here is a list of Ernest Hemingway works:


(1926) The Torrents of Spring
(1926) The Sun Also Rises
(1929) A Farewell to Arms
(1937) To Have and Have Not
(1940) For Whom the Bell Tolls
(1950) Across the River and Into the Trees
(1952) The Old Man and the Sea
(1970) Islands in the Stream
(1986) The Garden of Eden
(1999) True at First Light


(1923) Three Stories and Ten Poems
(1925) In Our Time
(1927) Men Without Women
(1933) Winner Take Nothing
(1936) The Snows of Kilimanjaro
(1938) The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories
(1969) The Fifth Column and Four Stories of the Spanish Civil War
(1972) The Nick Adams Stories
(1987) The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway
(1995) Everyman’s Library: The Collected Stories


(1932) Death in the Afternoon
(1935) Green Hills of Africa
(1962) Hemingway, The Wild Years
(1964) A Moveable Feast
(1967) By-Line: Ernest Hemingway
(1970) Ernest Hemingway: Cub Reporter
(1981) Ernest Hemingway Selected Letters 1917–1961
(1985) The Dangerous Summer
(1985) Dateline: Toronto
(2005) Under Kilimanjaro (edited and published posthumously by Robert W. Lewis and Robert E. Fleming)

The works listed here are not his only work. Hemingway also edited an anthology, wrote stage plays, and had 9 books and stories published after his death that are not on this list. There is so much to learn about this man, but his works offer a great glimpse into who he was as an author.

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Ernest Hemingway History – The Life of a Great American Author


Ernest Hemingway has a lot of history. Although the man was only alive for nearly 62 years, he led quite a life compared to many people. As a child, Hemingway was born and brought up in Oak Park, Illinois. After graduating high school, he went on to work for the Kansas City Star for a few months. He eventually joined the forces and left for Italy to drive ambulances during World War I, which ended up causing serious injuries and a return home within the first year. At that point, he got married and settled down with his first wife.

Hemingway Family Photo

In the years that followed, Ernest Hemingway became a published author of many different collections and novels. He also became quite famous as an American icon, but that mostly came after his death. Many of his life experiences created the stories that went into his books, which is how many authors come up with ideas for their next story. In the late 1920s, Ernest met many modernist writers in Paris and the ‘Lost Generation’ of the expatriates. By 1927, Hemingway and his first wife were divorced and he moved on to marry a second wife. They divorced shortly after he returned from the Spanish Civil War, where he was covering events. By 1940, Hemingway was on to his third wife and she was divorced as well by the end of World War II.

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Ernest Hemingway, Florida Keys – Home Life and Modern Tourism


If you know anything about the great American author Ernest Hemingway, you know that the Florida Keys were his home. His house is actually located in Key West, and draws visitors from around the world at all times of year. Since Hemingway lived in Key West, things have changed very much. However, his house is still there and is still the great Spanish Colonial style home that he called home. Hemingway ended up coming to Key West in 1928, and stayed for 11 years. While he was in the area, he wrote a variety of his works.

Hemingway's House in Key West

The majority of Hemingway’s writings actually took place during this time, including popular titles like A Farewell to Arms, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and, The Snows of Kilimanjaro. The house was built in 1851, well before Ernest Hemingway was even born, but was among the first on the island to be fitted with a built-in fireplace and indoor plumbing. At that time, this was quite a feat. By the time Hemingway moved in, many other houses in the area had the same amenities and features to appreciate.
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Tours and Hotels Near Ernest Hemingway’s Home and Museum


Ernest Hemingway is a popular and well-respected author. If you’re a big fan of his works, you may be looking for unique and exciting ways to learn more about his life. Why not make a special trip to his home and museum? Many travelers visit the Earnest Hemingway Villa in Key West, FL each year. You can tour the home and museum, and also enjoy the nearby attractions and tours. This can offer you a memorable vacation experience. Start planning your Ernest Hemingway trip today!

Hemingway House in Key West

The Ernest Home and Museum offers a very educational look at this famous author’s life and achievements. Inside of the home you will find his collection of furniture and various pictures and artifacts. It’s recommended that you take a guided tour of the home so that you’re able to learn as much as possible. Even if you already know a lot about Ernest Hemingway, there is still more to learn!

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A Farewell to Arms – Some General Information


“A Farewell to Arms” is a novel written by Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) and published in 1929. It is considered one of Hemingway’s “big four” works, along with “The Sun Also Rises,” “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and “The Old Man and The Sea.” Although it’s considered a fictional work, the content is semi-autobiographical, since Hemingway used his real-life relationship with nurse Agnes von Kurowsky while working as an ambulance driver in WWI-era Italy as the basis for the two main characters. As he was writing the novel, his wife Pauline was having a rather difficult childbirth, and he used that experience in the book as well.

Farewell to Arms Book Photo

The story centers on the protagonist, Frederic Henry (“Henry”). Frederic narrates the story, and is an American ambulance driver during the war. He’s a typical guy in that he enjoys women, alcohol, and the camaraderie he finds with the soldiers he hangs out with. Although considered “one of the guys” he has a soft spot for the British nurse he meets, named Catherine Barkley. Catherine is originally from Scotland, and she followed her now-deceased husband in Italy to join in the war effort. She becomes fiercely dependent on Frederic’s seemingly undying love for her.

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Ernest Hemingway Essays – Finding Input from Others


There is no shortage of available resources for Ernest Hemingway essays online. Whether you are looking for critical essays or school papers written by other students, you can find plenty of different avenues to explore. If you are looking for free essays or term papers about Ernest Hemingway, you should be forewarned that while they do exist, teachers are on top of technology and know how to spot plagiarism from a mile away. You can use these papers for reference or ideas, but you should never strictly copy someone else’s work.

Ernest Hemingway in Africa

If you are looking for critical Ernest Hemingway essays from other professionals, you can find a wide selection of them available online. Some are professional and welcoming, while others are cold and critical of Hemingway because of his stories or his writing style. No matter what you want to know, however, you can find plenty of information on Ernest Hemingway by utilizing the internet to get the best information out there. Ernest Hemingway was a great man, but more importantly a great author who contributed significantly to modern American literature as we know it.

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Tour the Hemingway Villa


If you’re an Ernest Hemingway fan, chances are you’re always looking to learn as much as possible about the famous author. You can always keep learning about his life and accomplishments. Many people choose to visit the Hemingway Villa in order to get a closer look into his life. This home is where Hemingway spent much of his life. It’s completely restored and is available to view so that visitors can learn more about Hemingway, his adventures, and his accomplishments. Take a look at the following information, to learn more about this awesome attraction.

Finca la Vigia home of Ernest Hemingway in Cuba

So many people travel to see the Hemingway Villa. This is where Hemingway created many of his most famous works. As you walk throughout the home, you can almost imagine Hemingway being there. Each room is re-done in a way to preserve the way that it once was. You will be amazed at everything that there is to see, because there are so many interesting artifacts.

With the help of a tour guide, you can explore the entire villa. You will be able to learn interesting facts and stories as you are guided throughout the home. Things that are worth really seeing include Hemingway’s collection of book as well as the office in which he wrote many of his works.

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Ernest Hemingway Criticism


Ernest Hemingway is easily known as a great American author. However, his critics don’t always feel the same. He is often compared to contemporaries like F. Scott Fitzgerald and William Faulkner, but he has a style all his own when it comes to writing. The contribution that Hemingway made to modern fiction is far more substantial than both of these contemporaries, but there is also a lot of criticism out there for the famed author who only had a handful of major novels to his claim.

Hemingway Photo by Robert Capa

The general public and literary professionals usually assimilate Hemingway with a level of American genius and creativity, but the reality is actually far from that. Ernest Hemingway was involved in World War I, and had passions for outdoor adventures and other pursuits. This seemed to make him the all-American dream author, but almost all of his stories take place in countries outside of the U.S., including France, Spain, Italy, and Cuba. Hemingway, unlike many authors, was very particular about his writing. He never just sat down and wrote a story. Instead, he carefully analyzed every story, every sentence, and every word to ensure that it all had function and purpose within the story.

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Soldier’s Home by Ernest Hemingway


“Soldier’s Home” by Ernest Hemingway is one of many short stories that was collected as a part of In Our Time, published in 1925 as the book that brought Hemingway to America as an author. This book is full of many different short stories that have become quite popular, including “The Nick Adams Stories,” “Indian Camp,” and “The Battler. This anthology consists of small vignettes that relate to the short story that follows them, and is easily one of the most recognizable productions by Ernest Hemingway. A much shorter version of 32 pages had been published in a small run in Paris the year before, but it only consisted of the vignettes.

WW1 Soldiers

“Soldier’s Home” is a story that revolves around Harold Krebs. Harold is a young soldier who has returned from war and is tormented by the experiences that he has had. As the story goes on, Harold eventually comes to realize that he shouldn’t be in his childhood home anymore. Therefore, he decides to leave and go on about his life somewhere else, somewhere new. Harold’s mother is a very religious woman and tries to help her son, but her attempts are rather ineffective at best.

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